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Why You Need to Go to Atacama Desert in Chile

On a bridge surrounded by winds, a cold desert, close to the chilean shore of the Pacific, is the driest place on the globe. Few birds fly above Atacama Desert. Crossing it, on the only road you’ll find, The Pan American Highway, you won’t spot any trace of green. A deserted emptiness of burnt stone and moving dunes, the desert spreads on an area of 1000 km along the shore,…

Kalahari Desert Facts & Information for Fearless Travelers

Beyond the gray plains of shingle, in the north-west side of South Africa, the ground slightly tilts, to reveal one of the ageless artworks of nature: an ancient sea of sand having to color of a baked apricot, which seems to spread on endless terrain – the Kalahari Desert. This is Kalahari, a vast territory on the African plateau – the longest area of continuous sand, uninterrupted by rocky or…

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