Reasons For Application


With mission statement the obvious thing to do is right so you want to go to their mission statement you want to check out the school’s websites you want to read up on their special programs and anything that might interest you about their program that they offer going to pre-med fairs and canvas events can be especially helpful to meet representatives and medical students from their school visiting the school itself can be hugely helpful I have a client right now who just submitted his primary application and he thought he asked me hey what should I do in this time that I’m waiting for my application to be verified and my the first thing we came to mind was go check out the school the medical schools in your area that you’re most interested in. Read examples of application essays with good reasoning on Robotdon.

And he was really excited about that because visiting the school is gonna give you a lot more information and material to work with when you’re writing your secondary essays so for those of you who’ve just submitted your primary I highly recommend you know going to visit the medical schools closest to you or in your area that you can get to because it will you’ll be very grateful later when you have lots more material networking is another way to do it somebody mentions talking to someone who’s recently completed the process or who’s a medical student so networking is really helpful and so that’s a great idea another strategy would be to demonstrate how well you know their school and how much research you’ve done by establishing a clear understanding of what they offer that will most benefit you by helping you reach your career goals so some space is limited you really want to keep it as a focus and select only the most relevant and important reasons why you want to attend their medical school so for those of you listening what are some things that you could include and again if you can put that in the in the question window specific programs that have interest to me that’s from Lauren excellent curriculum structure Heather vikrum suggests various programs right.

Surabhi suggests community outreach programs that they have that you appreciate English suggests teaching so I apologize if I’m messing up anybody’s name teaching style in flipped classroom team-based learning Rachael volunteer programs Stephanie suggests opportunities volunteer at the VA hospital which again volunteer opportunities I adeje suggest professor ratings Hannah amount of clinical exposure prior to the third year Stephanie talks about the preparation for the USMLE match rate again I didn’t have a great crowd tonight yeah these are all fantastic things to cover and the more sense of your research the more obvious it’s going to be that you’ve really taken the time to get to know um as much as you can about their school and knowing ya about their match rates and the special programs and if they offer free clinics where medical students get to provide direct care to all of these things alter special programs and things about their school that’s unique that inch that truly interests you will be very helpful.

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