Questions For Source Material


You will find in some sources you may have a handout on how to use it there’s stuff on the library website the the commonwealth style manual that i’ve been talking about has details on how to use and of course the great book on how to write essays it’s got a whole chapter on it then under questions of style I mainly got to talk about whether you should use the first person that is whether you should use the word I I think that it helps students to be able to say I think after all it’s you writing the essay a machine isn’t writing it and if we say you must never on any account use the word eye we’re going to get the passive voice used a lot and that’s going to make the essay hard to read so that’s an argument.

For using it an argument against well students may not realize that they need more more evidence than just what they themselves think it’s quite possible to express your own opinion without using the first person look at that sentence look at this one it means exactly the same and anyone reading it would know that was what you thought I remember last year and discussing this with Terry and he said yep he took my point but he never used it in his own writing and I suppose I don’t either and I’ve noticed that the authors that write for people in place are happy to say we think or some of them are happy to say we think but almost nobody is happy to say I think I guess it’s because I think it sounds a bit childish short of it egotistical but when you’re writing drafts use it and then you can take it out later and turn that kind of sentence into that kind of sentence but if you think I must never ever use it.

You’re going to find yourself pushed into using the passive voice and your work is not going to be as good as it might be subheadings well for they help clarify the argument against they can break it up I used to tell students if it’s the long essay use the move as a short essay don’t use them is that that sort of thing you say here and I think the next slide will show you Plato and Aristotle doubtless talking about the use of apostrophes come on discussing apostrophes in the School of Athens I’m sure that’s when you’re doing well questions yes I’d say a short hair say was under a thousand words and the long essay was between two and three thousand right so with a fifteen hundred one would you want would you accept subheadings or would you rather not subheadings could be an amazingly convenient way of signaling that you’re changing the topic without having to think of a fancy linking sentence but yes probably but again it’s a question.

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