Emotionless Essays


A common mistake we get from students is that you know they they want to be sound very professional or they want to sound very serious and they sound like a robot and when I say that I mean they’re not putting any emotion into their writing whatsoever it’s very boring to read something like this it really doesn’t give me an opportunity to see you and who you are and doesn’t give me a chance to find out why you would be a great addition to my university so you want to put some emotion into your writing you want to actually come off like you are a human being that you’ve lived you know your life and that you are someone who experiences there’s gonna come and show passion for studying. Get good essay advice on Edusson.

At my university passion is a big thing when it comes to writing these essays we want to see who you are that you have dreams that you have goals and you have things you want to get done so don’t think that you have to push out your writing we want you to put that in there want to see that you’re serious that you’re a passionate person the other thing I’d like to venture that’s a common mistake is being too honest in your essay honesty is very important we’re gonna talk about that a little bit later we want you to be 100% honest but being too honest can get yourself in the trouble as well if you’re applying to say six schools and one of them is let’s say for example your safety school or your backup school if all else fails you shouldn’t tell the school that in your essay and I can’t tell you how many times you love again my colleagues i different schools have talked about students mentioned in their essay that’s not something we need to know or we want to know so we are your backup or last choice.

You don’t need to put that in there also if you know you’re during your life you know you have a great story but maybe involved doing something that’s let’s say illegal or something that you didn’t want to be doing you can certainly avoid that by not being too honest and not talking about things that you know have going wrong in your past you know focus on something that you feel we would want to know about but also isn’t something that’s gonna get you in trouble the last thing I want to talk about when it comes to things you don’t want to do is doing the unthinkable and I mean that’s what I mean by doing the unthinkable is having someone else write your admissions essay this is something that can get you into so much trouble when I had mentioned earlier about the fact that I had worked in you know the Dean of Students office as well as some other officers around campus.

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